Cryptocurrency Pump And Dump Explained!

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Synergy Pump is a private group that was created by people tired of pump and dump groups that worked like pyramid schemes that only create profits for those at the top and take from everyone else.

Joining Synergy Pump is by invitation only.

So, what is a pump and dump?

A classic pump and dump can be described in 4 steps.

Number 1. The Pump: A group of liked minded people all buy a certain coin at the same time on the same exchange.

Number 2. This causes the coin to rapidly increase in value.

Number 3. As the value of the coin increases, other traders take notice and buy the coin in fear of losing out on a golden opportunity.

Number 4. The Dump: As other people are buying; the group sells the coin at the inflated value which subsequently causes the coin price to drop.

Unlike other groups, synergy pump is the most advanced cryptocurrency pump community on the planet.

This group offers a new aspect in the pump and dump sphere, it has a highly advanced, first of its kind, Proprietary Pump Bot.

In an arena where speed is everything, this member only Bot is a game changer.

With one click, this Bot will place your Buy and Take profit orders within a millisecond which gives you a tremendous advantage over the rest of the crowd.


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