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Simply Download our Bot (It is FREE for NOW!), join our Synergy Pump Group on Discord, and wait for the next coin to be pumped. Additionally, The Bot can be used in any group that pump on the Binance Exchange.

About Us:

Here at Synergy Pump, we offer a new aspect in the Pump and Dump Sphere.

Synergy Pump, created by people tired of pump and dump groups that worked like pyramid schemes, only creating profit for those at the top, and taking from everyone else. We are a new Revolutionary Pump Group with a highly advanced pump bot. This amazing Proprietary Pump Bot is the first of it's kind and is only available to Synergy Pump Community members. Additionally, we are one of the Fastest Growing Communities on the Net.

See Our Bot in Action:

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What is the Pump Bot?

* We automatically reveal the coin which our group will pump to the sky on the Pump Bot.

* You BUY and SELL on the Pump Bot.

Ok, It Sounds Great, But How Does It Work?

* We will announce in the group of an upcomming pump. Date and Time.

* You set the Take Profit Percent. E.g 5%.

* Set amount you want to spend to 1 and the program will autamically do a minimum order.

* You waite for the "Next Post Will be Coin" announcement in the group.

* The default coin will change on the bot to the pump coin.

* You Hit the Buy Button to enter the trade. You can also hit the 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% to increase the trade amount.

* You can hit the buy button multiple times to take as many positions as you wish.

How does the Take Profit setting work?

* The Pump Bot adds a Sell Limit order automatically and within a micro second after the Buy order is filled. E.g.:

* Buy price = 0.00048567 BTC.

* Take Profit = 10%.

In this case, the Sell Limit Order will be added at price 0.00048567 + 10% = 0.0005341 BTC.

What's Included In The Group:

Pump Bot Software. Brand new, first of it’s kind automated software.

Signals. We drastically increase the price of altcoins on every pump.

Instructions. Complete set up instructions on how to use the Bot for maxium profits.

Members Area. Private members area where money making stratigies are discussed.

Multi Use: The Bot can be used in any Pump Community that trade on Binance.

And Much More.

Introducing The Pump Bot

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Syngery Pump Group is the fastest growing crypto pump community on the internet. And you are very lucky to be here because right now, it is FREE to join and FREE to download our software. However, as you would expect, it may not be free for long. Therefore, you are encourgage to take advantage of this personal invitation and sign up today.

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Simply waite for the signal and hit the Buy button..

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